Bringing together people in data

We are a community of people who enjoy working with data. We want to bring people from our field together in order to share our experiences and learn from one another. Whether you are a data scientist, analyst, engineer, or enthusiast; please feel welcome to join us!

Right now we are in the process of organising a series of meetups around data-related topics. One day we hope to organise conferences as well! Join our events to meet like-minded folks and learn more about our field.


Meetup: Data Vizards


"It's magic!" Or so they say. Creating beautiful and enchanting visualizations out of nowhere. The art of data visualization brings us the possibility of identifying patterns, understanding the story and grasping the latest trends. And that's not all!

Erik Driessen (Independent Digital Creative), Daniel Bontje (VIQTOR DAVIS)

19:00 Viqtor Davis, Parijsboulevard 143a, 3541CS Utrecht Details Past

Meetup: The workflow show


A carpenter has a workshop, a cook has a kitchen, and a data scientist has a computer. Regardless of profession and environment, however, you still need the right tools for your practice. In this meetup we will explore some of the tools that make data science possible.

Paweł Redzyński (, Jessica Forde (Brown University)

19:30 Online (Google Meet) Details Past

Meetup: The bird's-eye view


We have long moved beyond the point where data existed only in our computers. Nowadays we live in a constant feedback loop: we generate data when we move through the world, and the way we move through it is influenced by how those data are used. In our second Onehot meetup we will take a view from above and explore topics such as urban data science, geographic information systems, and spatial analysis.

Dr Ir Trivik Verma (TU Delft), Kelvin de Ruiter (First Technology)

19:30 Online (Google Meet) Details Past

Meetup: A world in transition


You have heard enough times about data being the new oil, and do not get us started on "the sexiest job of the 21st century". That being said, insights from data are already shaping the world. In this very first Onehot meetup we will explore the role data plays in transitioning towards tomorrow.

Dr Jazmin Zatarain Salazar (TU Delft), Bas de Kan (Alliander / Navara)

19:30 Online (Discord) Details Past


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