A world in transition

You have heard enough times about data being the new oil, and do not get us started on "the sexiest job of the 21st century". That being said, insights from data are already shaping the world. In this very first Onehot meetup we will explore the role data plays in transitioning towards tomorrow.

During this meetup we will host two practitioners active in this domain: one from academics and one from business. Both speakers will give a 30 minute presentation, with some time for questions afterwards. Between the talks there will be a brief break, and afterwards we will have room for further discussion and socialising.


If you join us on Discord, you need to configure your voice settings if you'd like to ask questions during the meetup.

Please let us know if we can do anything to make the event (more) accessible to you. We will try our best to accommodate any needs you may have. You can reach us through organisation@onehot.nl.

Balancing water, food and energy demands in fast developing economies

A participatory AI-based approach

Human-centered AI-based decision support offers exciting opportunities to understand complex environmental and water systems that are subject to climate and socio-economic uncertainty. This requires bridging hydrologic and climate sciences, artificial intelligence, visual analytics and participatory policy design to capture the system’s complexity, to discover the tradeoffs across competing goals and support stakeholders to make better management decisions.

Keywords: Public policy analysis, AI in decision support, socio-environmental challenges

About Dr Jazmin Zatarain Salazar

Photograph of Dr Jazmin Zatarain Salazar
I am the director of the Hippo Delft Artificial Intelligence lab and an Assistant Professor of Policy Analysis at TPM. My vision is to bridge and develop tools AI-based decision tools to guide sustainable and diligent policy design driven by social well-being and that minimizes existing asymmetries in socio-technical systems.

TU Delft

Will my neighbour's Tesla consume all my power?

Managing the energy transition at Alliander

The world is moving fast towards more sustainable energy, but it is difficult for grid operators to keep up! Do they even know how prepared they are for the transition and can they mitigate potential failures of the grid while the necessary infrastructure is not yet finished? In this talk we will look at some examples of how Alliander, one of the largests grid operators in the Netherlands, takes on some of the challenges of the energy transition. We will start by looking at how data can give better insight into the scope of these challenges. Afterwards we will look at how a smart grid or a smart customer can already mitigate a lot of these challenges without laying a single new cable in the ground.

Keywords: Energy transition, Smart grid

About Bas de Kan

Photograph of Bas de Kan
As a data science consultant in the energy field Bas combines his interest in data science with sustainability. His main interests are in machine learning/deep learning, but he also has a solid background in computer science, mainly code optimisation.