Data Vizards

"It's magic!" Or so they say. Creating beautiful and enchanting visualizations out of nowhere. The art of data visualization brings us the possibility of identifying patterns, understanding the story and grasping the latest trends. And that's not all!

During this meetup we will host two practitioners active in this domain. Both speakers will give a 30 minute presentation, with some time for questions afterwards. Between the talks there will be a brief break, and afterwards we will have room for further discussion and socializing.

And there is more! This time we will actually have a hybrid meetup! This one night, Viqtor Davis (data company in Utrecht) will be welcoming us in their office located in Utrecht (close to Leidsche Rijn train station). We will arrange some diner beforehand and then we'll get started with the first talk at 19:00! Doors are open 18:30.

Since we will only have limited space at the location, sign up quickly (using the Meetup link provided below). Want to enjoy the talks from home? We will also stream the talks.


Please let us know if we can do anything to make the event (more) accessible to you. We will try our best to accommodate any needs you may have. You can reach us through organisation@onehot.nl.

The collateral beauty of being a data analyst

Generating abstract visuals using machine learning

Personal projects are a great (and fun!) way to learn. They force you to apply your skills to a new context. For example: what happens when you try to blend a job as data analyst with a personal passion for music? In my talk, I’ll answer that question by taking you through the ongoing development of a personal project. A project that started with a data analysis question and generated some unintended, but beautiful, side-effects.

Keywords: natural language processing, sentiment analysis, data art

About Erik Driessen

Photograph of Erik Driessen
I have a background in computer science and have been working in data analysis since 2013. Most of my experience is in digital analytics and business analytics. I consider myself an exploratory programmer that likes to work on projects that force me to use new technologies.

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A business view on data

Using data visualization in business environments

Data scientists dive deep into the data to gain understanding of the business, to develop features and optimize predictive models. However, in the end, managers/product owners are the ones who make decisions. To facilitate hte decision making, the insights created by the data scientist must be captured into interpretable tables, graphs, and figures. Therefore, visualizations are a key means to provide them with insights to understand the use case at hand.

In this presentation I will show a selection of graphs/visualizations from different projects which:

  • gave a better grasp on the information hidden in the data during the exploratory data analysis phase,
  • assisted in developing features for feature engineering and feature selection,
  • helped communicate a message to the product owner or,
  • assisted management to make informed decisions.

Keywords: data visualization

About Daniel Bontje

Photograph of Daniel Bontje
I am a data scientist who thinks data quality & understanding the business is more important than data quantity & applying big black-box models. In recent years, my focus is on classification models and extracting information with NLP from unstructured data like text. In order to obtain the data I need, I branched out into data engienering. I started my career as a mathematical biologist and have built epidemiological models to quantify the effects of control measures on disease outbreaks.